Orca Breathe: Female
Orca Breathe: Female
Orca Breathe: Female

Orca Breathe: Female

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Design and developed in collaboration with 18x World Record holder William Trubridge, the BREATHE is designed specifically for free diving.

The BREATHE is a training suit, that incorporates durability to ensure that it lasts through long sessions in the pool or ocean, while still retaining the key features for performance.

This is one of the best one piece (mono piece) wetsuit designed for freediving. Light weight, Very durable and easy to wear. 

Orca Freedive recommend this model for 

Water temperature between 23 and 28 degres - It will provide good insulation and keep your warm

Training, teaching, and recreational free-dive, it can also be use by freedivers who are considering to start top compete in the following discipline:

  • Constant Weight, with our without fins (CWT / CNF)
  • Dynamic Apnea with our without fins (DYN / DNF)
  • Static apnea 


1) An inner gasket to prevent water entry and seal the suit:


 2) Durable material on arms and legs makes it ideal for multiple training sessions:

3) Anti-abrasion panels on lower leg for extra durability:

 4) 1.5mm 39 cell Yamamoto under arms for great flexibility:

5) Drainage hole on back zip to release excess water: 

6) Shipped with 2 gloves to prevent suit damage, or tearing when taking on and off.