Orca Free: Female
Orca Free: Female
Orca Free: Female

Orca Free: Female

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The Orca FREE has been designed by 18x world record holder William Trubridge, with the highest levels of performance in mind.

It is a high performance suit that makes no compromise on the most efficient cut and most technical materials for moving with minimum resistance through the water. The hydrodynamic qualities, combined with unmatched flexibility and minimal neoprene volume make this the highest performance wetsuit on the market. 


1) A build-in inner gasket prevents water entry and efficiently seals the suit:

2) High quality 39 Cell Yamamoto together with infinity skin lining for extra flexibility:

3) Compression construction on the legs and arms to improve performance:

4) Drainage holes at the bottom of the zipper to release excess water:

5) Shipped with 2 gloves to prevent suit damage, or tearing when taking on and off.