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Mateusz Malina - Poland

Dynamic Apnea with Monofin to 300m
5 x World Champion
2 x Vice-Champion

5 x World Records 

He is the first Polish World Record holder in Freediving history. He has set 5 World Records and 31 Polish National Records.  He started to compete in pool freediving disciplines. Holding his breath for over 10 minutes and swimming with a monofin for 300 m with only one breath of air.

Recently moving to Depth disciplines competition, he already dove 113m (FIM), to 100m (CWT) and to 83m (CNF).

He has already five World Champion titles, two vice-champion  titles and three bronze medals for his young career in Freediving competition.


Instagram: @mattmalina 


Everyone is looking for something in life that makes him happy and for that inner peace. Something that allows You to forget about anything else and completely devote itself to it. Only then we are able to live life to the fullest and go through it with smile on Your face. That’s what freediving is to me all about. It is incredible journey, deep inside my own mind and body. “


 Mateusz Malina in Orca Free 1st generation wetsuit aftre breaking DYN 300m Credit: Daan Verhoeven / Orca Freedive Ambassador: Mateusz Malina

 Mateusz Malina wearing the 1st generation of Orca Free wetsuit Freefalling in the blue hole

 Credit: Haddad Toni / Orca Freedive Ambassador: Mateusz Malina